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Definition : Hematology reagents used to determine the intrinsic clotting activity of the whole blood (i.e., activated clotting time [ACT]) using kaolin (a type of purified aluminum silicate clay) as an activator. The test is usually performed by adding the whole blood to a test tube or cartridge containing kaolin (i.e., the surface activator). The formation of a clot in a tube that is kept at normal body temperature (about 37 degrees Celsius/98.5 degrees Fahrenheit) determines the ACT value for kaolin which should be usually in the range of 90 to 150 seconds. This test is intended to monitor the effect and regulate the administration of high-dose unfractionated heparin before, during, and shortly after procedures (usually surgical, such as cardiopulmonary bypass) that require intense anticoagulant administration.

Entry Terms : "Kaolin Activated Clotting Time Hematology Reagents" , "Kaolin Activated Coagulation Time Hematology Reagents"

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Sienco Inc

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Sienco, Inc. is a small manufacturing company uniquely focused on providing tools for hemostasis monitoring and viscoelastic evaluations. Our mission is to develop and commericalize niche whole blood/platelet coagulation management tools for the clinical and research communities. As a result of this mission, Sienco manufactures and distibutes Class II medical devices, disposable supllies, reagents and accessorites for In-Vitro diagnostic use.

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