Skin Elasticity Measuring Instruments, Suction

Definition : Measuring instruments designed to determine the elasticity of the skin by suctioning a small skin area into a probe. The instrument consists of a main unit that provides a relatively low pressure to a probe; a light source; electronic circuits and controls; and a display that shows data and curves for the elasticity of the skin and other skin parameters. The measure is performed using one of a set of detachable probes that apply constant pressure to the skin and draw inside small (e.g., from 2 to 8 mm diameter) skin sections according to the diameter of the probe aperture. A light system is used to measure the depth of the skin drawn into the probe. The ability of the skin to return to its original position when suction is released (i.e., the elasticity) and its resistance to be sucked by the probe (i.e., firmness) are the main parameters determined. Suction skin elasticity measuring instruments usually work together with a personal computer that process data in real time. Some skin physiologic analyzers may include modules for measuring elasticity.

Entry Terms : "Skin Elasticity Measuring Instruments" , "Skin Firmness Measuring Instruments" , "Suctioning Skin Elasticity Measuring Instruments"

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