Dilators, Catheterization, Fascial

Definition : Dilators designed for mechanically augmenting the diameter (caliber) of the internal layer of fibrous tissue (i.e., the fascia) of anatomic tubular structures facilitating the introduction of dedicated catheters. These dilators typically consist of a radiopaque plastic shaft with a long distal tapered end that is located over the guidewire, facilitating an effective dilation prior to catheter introduction. Dedicated fascial tissue dilators intended for catheterization procedures performed in places such as the vasculature (e.g., iliac arteries) and the ureters (e.g., ureteroscopy, stone removal) are available; they are usually supplied for single use in sterile packages.

Entry Terms : "Fascial Dilators" , "Minimally Invasive Procedure Dilators"

UMDC code : 28490

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