Urethral Prostate Retraction Implant Delivery Units

Definition : Equipment designed to deliver urethral prostate retraction implants through the urethra. These units typically consist of a handheld mechanical instrument used to manipulate and control the delivery of the implant that also includes a detachable rigid sheath and a needle that comes out from the distal end of the sheath. The rigid sheath is introduced through the urethra and when the sheath reaches the obstruction point, the implants are deployed, retracting the prostate lobes (usually two implants are needed for the right and left lobes of the prostate gland); once the implants are in place the sheath and the delivery unit are removed. Urethral prostate retraction implant delivery units are mainly used to insert implants during treatment of patients suffering from lower urinary tract difficulties due to prostatic hyperplasia.

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