Surgical Retractor Kits, Abdominal

Definition : Surgical retractor kits designed for use during procedures performed in the deep abdomen. These kits typically consist of a collection of devices, instruments, and supplies that are coupled together for temporary separation and retention of abdominal wall tissue and other abdominal anatomic structures, exposing and/or giving access to the appropriate organs inside the abdomen without manual support once they are set (i.e., self-retained). Abdominal retractor kits may consist of a flexible ring and/or a retractor frame and/or bars, a set of detachable blades usually providing lateral retraction, ratchet mechanisms to adjust retractor tension and depth, and a fixation post that may be attached to the operating table or a stand. The kits may incorporate fiber optic systems to illuminate the surgical site. They provide hands-free assistance to the surgeon during abdominal procedures including cholecystectomy, appendectomy, hernia repair, aortic aneurysms, insertion of iliac femoral grafts, hysterectomy, and transplant.

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