Esthesiometers, Corneal

Definition : Esthesiometers designed to be used to measure corneal sensitivity. Corneal esthesiometers are handheld probes through which sensation is measured by pressure applied through the esthesiometer's tips designed for different purposes. The tips are either monofilaments of varying lengths or diameters (used to quantify the pressure transmitted axially for a given bending stress), or tips through which a controlled pulse of air as stimulation is delivered. Corneal esthesiometers may be attached to systems to store and display test readings, and may be computer-controlled to limit the amount of pressure applied to the corneas. They may also be non-powered handheld devices.

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Richmond Products Inc

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Richmond Products, Inc was founded almost 60 years ago by P. Lloyd Powell (a former employee of Bausch & Lomb) and Ruth M. Powell to provide specialized Ophthalmic products to Bausch & Lomb. Over the years the product offering expanded as both Bausch & Lomb and American Optical discontinued smaller hand held testing devices used by Ophthalmologists and Optometrists

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