Electrothermal Cautery Units

Definition : Devices designed to coagulate and/or destroy tissue by applying an electric current to a high-resistance element, intended mainly to control bleeding and for therapeutic procedures. Electrothermal cautery units do not deliver electric current to the tissue; the high-resistance tip becomes heated when an electric current is passed through it or when a quartz glass light guide converts infrared radiation to heat. These devices typically include a power source (either line or battery) that delivers the electric current; appropriate controls; a pencil- or pistol-like handle (handpiece), including the thermal probe; and an electric cord to connect the probe to the power source. Most units are available with a set of probes for different procedures (e.g., dermatologic, gynecologic, hemorrhoid treatment); some probes include an internal irrigation system. Dedicated electrocautery units using high-resistance elements or infrared lamps are available. The units are frequently controlled by a computer that facilitates the selection of the appropriate temperature and/or energy level.

Entry Terms : "Electrocautery Units" , "Electrocautery Units, Line-Powered" , "Electrocautery Units, Battery-Powered" , "Battery Boxes" , "Electrodes, Cautery" , "Coagulators, Thermal" , "Cauteries"

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