Filters, Air, Gas/Vapor, Toxic Industrial Contaminant, Mask/Respirator Cartridge

Definition : Gas/vapor filters consisting of small cartridges containing substances (e.g., activated carbon) that can absorb and/or destroy toxic industrial contaminants (e.g., chlorine dioxide, ammonia) in gaseous or aerosol form from the air as they pass through. These cartridges are disposable devices intended for protection against a limited number of exposures to contaminating agents. Toxic industrial material protection cartridges are used in respirators and masks to prevent the toxic material from reaching the respiratory mucosa, the eyes, and the face of the user.

Entry Terms : "Toxic Industrial Material Filtration Cartridges" , "Canister Filters" , "Respirator Cartridge Filters" , "Mask Cartridge Filters" , "Cartridge Filters"

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