Impedance Cardiographs

Definition : Cardiographs designed for recording the variations of the thoracic electrical impedance caused by the activity of the heart muscle and its effect on the blood flow in the aorta, usually detected at the body surface. These instruments consist of a main unit that includes a high-frequency (e.g., 100 kHz) RF generator, a recorder, and typically a set of four detachable leads with electrodes attached at the distal tips. Two electrodes are placed on the neck and other two on the thoracic surface; one electrode of each pair delivers a low-intensity current of constant amplitude from the generator through the body. The other two electrodes sense the voltage variations that are proportional to the thoracic impedance variations, mainly due to the blood flow in the aorta. The values of the variations of the impedance and the graphic representation of the impedance and its first derivative versus time (i.e., impedance cardiograms) are used for calculation of hemodynamic parameters, such as cardiac output and stroke volume.

Entry Terms : "Impedance Plethysmographs" , "Cardiodynameters" , "Cardiographs, Impedance" , "Plethysmographs, Impedance"

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Lafayette Instrument Co Inc

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Lafayette Instrument Company was a market leader when the world entered into the age of the computer. As the technology available for design, development and manufacturing advanced, so did LIC processes and products. In 1993, Lafayette Instrument Company sold its first computerized Polygraph.

Noninvasive Medical Technologies Inc

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Noninvasive Medical Technologies (NMT) is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. NMT manufactures its patented noninvasive hemodynamic monitors for use across the care continuum. Our clinical and administrative staff collectively has many years of development work in the field of bioimpedance application.

Physicians Resource Network Inc

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Since 1983, PRN, Inc has progressed to become a national leader in the sale of New, Used, and Reconditioned medical equipment. PRN was born on the premise that reconditioned equipment can help our clients operate more profitably and our goal is to make the acquisition or selling of medical equipment a pleasant experience.

RJL Systems Inc

Company Type: Parent

RJL Systems, a medical device company, is the industry originator, leading developer and manufacturer of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) devices for assessing body composition in humans and animals.

1-4 of 4 Match(es).

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