Procedure Kit/Trays, Vessel Harvesting

Definition : Prepackaged collections of the necessary devices and supplies (either custom or standard) designed for vessel harvesting using surgical procedures. Items in these kits usually include appropriate instruments (e.g., scalpels, dissectors, strippers, cautery probes), cannulae, blades, and other supplies. These kits may be supplied in supporting trays (i.e., procedure trays) consisting of a flat-bottomed receptacle with a border around the periphery supporting all the instruments and supplies needed for the procedure; the trays are usually covered or wrapped. Vessel harvesting procedure kits and trays are intended for use during bypass grafts in coronary artery surgical procedures but are sometimes used during procedures to replace peripheral (e.g., lower limb) vessels; they may be also used for other dissection procedures (e.g., nerve dissection) through a surgically created subcutaneous cavity. Dedicated vessel harvesting kits and trays are available for open (e.g., bridge techniques using special strippers) and also for minimally invasive surgical procedures (that may include special endoscopes).

Entry Terms : "Thoracic Artery Harvesting Kits" , "Radial Artery Harvesting Kits" , "Mammary Artery Harvesting Kits" , "Saphenous Vein Harvesting Kits" , "Vein Harvesting Systems" , "Vessel Harvesting Kits, Open Surgery" , "Vessel Harvesting Kits, Bridge" , "Vessel Harvesting Kits"

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Grams Medical

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Grams Medical was established in 1976 and has earned a reputation for quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. Grams Medical designs body and facial contouring instrumentation, accessories and disposables, and a deep-vaccum, ultra-quiet aspirator that is efficient and reliable by which others are judged.

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