Samplers, Breast Cell, Noninvasive

Definition : Electrically powered consoles that usually interface with cassettes designed for noninvasive vacuum collection of breast nipple aspirates which can be examined for the presence of precancerous and cancerous cells (sometimes referred to as a breast Pap test). These samplers typically consist of microprocessor-controlled breast cell samplers that self-monitor to ensure every cycle remains within specifications for vacuum, temperature and compression. The tubing from the vacuum in the console connects to adjustable, non-latex breast cups that fit any size breast and which apply suction, warmth, and massage to the breasts to elicit the aspirate from the nipples. The breast cups and sample wells that collect the aspirate are disposable so there is no patient contact with the console. Swabs and prep pads are used to sample the aspirate for cytological examination. Designated wheeled carts that attach to the sampling consoles are also available to move them from room to room. Non-invasive breast cell samplers are used in women's health care settings for early detection of changes in breast cells that may lead to cancer.

Entry Terms : "Noninvasive Breast Cell Samplers" , "Cell Samplers, Breast, Noninvasive" , "Breast Cell Samplers, Noninvasive" , "Breast Cell Pap Test"

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Danlee Medical Products Inc

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Danlee Medical Products, Inc. is a Certified Women Owned Business Enterprise serving the needs of over 4000 health-related professionals and their patients nationally and worldwide.


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Based in Irvine, Calif., Halo Healthcare develops innovative devices that allow women and their doctors to promote optimal breast health. The company's premier product, the HALO Breast Pap Test, is the only fully automated, non-invasive breast cancer risk assessment device designed for use in the primary care setting as part of an annual well-woman visit.

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