Definition : Information, either instruction or data that is typically stored electronically. Software is frequently classified as either: (1) system software that includes the operating systems or the utilities that enable the computer to function; or (2) application software consisting of programs that perform specific tasks for users. Software specifically intended for healthcare use is usually application software; not included in this term is software that is not intended to be modified, either because it is supplied as an integral component of a particular piece of equipment or system (i.e., firmware) or used in non-expensive devices. Software used in healthcare facilities is usually associated with a device or system (e.g., monitoring software to monitors, chemical chemistry analysis software to laboratory analyzers, data management software to information systems) and is not frequently obtained separately from the equipment. But updates, upgrades and new application software is frequently available from the manufacturers of the equipment. Dedicated healthcare software intended for educational or other purposes and that is typically intended for use with standard computers (e.g., personal computers) is also available.

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