Tubes, Esophageal, Balloon Tamponade

Definition : Esophageal tubes designed for treatment of sudden hemorrhage (i.e., tamponade) using balloons. These devices typically consist of a multilumen rubber or polymeric flexible tube with two balloons, one asymmetric gastric balloon, and a tapered elongated esophageal balloon. Typically, the tube is passed through the nose or mouth into the stomach, where the bottom gastric balloon is inflated, and then the tube is pulled back until the balloon meets the narrow valve at the top of the stomach, where it can go no farther. The upper esophageal balloon is then inflated, putting pressure on a length of esophagus where the bleeding veins are located. Some tubes (Sengstaken-Blakemore tubes) include a third channel to aspirate stomach contents to determine whether the bleeding has stopped; the tube may also include a fourth channel for aspiration (Minnesota tube). Balloon tamponade esophageal tubes are used for emergency control of esophageal bleeding varices and to facilitate evaluation of the extent of the hemorrhage into the stomach.

Entry Terms : "Tubes, Esophageal, Sengstaken" , "Tubes, Esophageal, Blakemore" , "Hemostatic Catheters" , "Catheters, Hemostatic" , "Catheters, Esophageal, Balloon, Hemostatic"

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