Tubes, Nasoenteral, Decompression, Weighted

Definition : Nasoenteral tubes with weighted distal ends that are designed to provide decompression to the small intestines. These devices typically consist of a multiple-lumen, radiopaque rubber or plastic tube appropriate for insertion through the nose with an inflatable balloon at the distal tip filled with water, saline, and/or tungsten gel (e.g., Andersen tube), which will aid peristalsis in propelling the catheter farther into the gastrointestinal tract; the tubes usually have several holes for irrigation and/or suction drainage. Weighted nasoenteral decompression tubes are used to aspirate liquid and gaseous material from the stomach and small bowels (e.g., duodenum, jejunum), as an aid in the diagnosis and location of intestinal lesions, as well as in the treatment of intestinal obstructions. The use of tungsten gel rather than mercury avoids hazards associated with the use of mercury-weighted (e.g., Cantor, Kaslow, Miller-Abbott) tubes.

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Andersen Products Inc

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Andersen Products was founded in 1958. It began its medical business in Oyster Bay, New York in 1963 with the manufacture of a new design for a stomach tube. The need to sterilize these tubes led to the development of our Anprolene line of Ethylene Oxide sterilizers.

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